“He is allowing people to work it out in their communities and to vote with their feet if they do…
Caleb Lytton-Jean

He has passed no order or law that authorizes or advocates the mistreatment of a transgender individual. They have the full protection from harm by others afforded by the law. I personally condemn anyone who would harm an individual no matter how they dress.

Transgender individuals are asking for a special concession from society. That concession is to use the restroom of their choice. This is not available to non transgender individuals no matter how much they would enjoy showering with the women at the gym. Society is simply being allowed to answer the request as they see fit and in the democratic best interest of their community. There are some interesting nuances created by this individual choice that complicates a simple matter of using the restroom. Some communities may decide these complications are worth making allowances while others may not. Again, its called freedom. “Rights” should be for everyone equally and should not be special accommodations granted based on an individual choice. Again its very different to separate access to restrooms based on uncontrollable factors such as race, gender or disability compared to individual choice such as choosing a gender other than what you actually are. Should society be forced by law to accommodate every individual choice? Uncontrollable factors deserve protection under the God given right to “Life (uhm abortion violates this), Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness (which is denied when someone is denied access to entry in society based on no fault of their own).

Personally I think businesses should be required to post non standard bathroom policies that they are free to make and also take financial responsibility for any harm occurring due to this policy. Businesses that are firm on inclusion can stop crying and make their own choice. If concerns are truly unwarranted about safety (and I think they are), then there will be no problems. If they are wrong however, business will feel a severe economic impact and their policies , or restroom design, will change quickly.

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