Trump says Syria gas attack crossed a ‘red line,’ but he doesn’t have any ideas on what to do next
Esther Lee

Honestly this is a tough one now due to Obama’s poor handling of Syria. Obama drew a line in the sand, erased it, redrew it, erased it…then did nothing. Seeing just how weak Obama was on foreign policy, Russia got involved and proceeded to attack the “terrorist” in Syria….who just happened to look a lot like the people we were there helping. Now we have a MUCH bigger problem than dealing with Assad and Syria. Now we have to deal with Russia. Obama completely and totally screwed Syria up about as bad as it could be screwed up. Basically Obama allowed Russia to place us in a position of choosing to help either Assad or terrorist, a classic lose / lose situation.

I don’t blame Trump for not wanting to jump up and kick that hornets nest without a clear plan. Making further claims and not following through will make him look as weak as Obama was.

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