Where is your brother, Cain?

I agree that we should likely not discuss things further. Clearly you are not interested in understanding anything about me other than the creature you have decided lives under your bed. Its unfortunate. I enjoy this site, not to call people stupid or to belittle people but to learn why other people with different life experiences see things so very differently from the way I do and to test my ideas. I must confess that there are times when some site members offer some very insightful ideas that make me re-think what and why I have the opinions I do. Unfortunately many if not most are the ignorant, “you just hate people and you are evil” rabid intellectually worthless sort. Also, I wanted to tell you that I believe your ideas on Texas wanting to let people, trans or anyone, “bleed out” and refuse medical care is completely incorrect and completely illegal as it should be. Still and nice scale or claw in your made up monster lurking under your bed.

I will just offer that you should take care demanding that people “be their brothers keeper”. Freedom is a 2 way street. If you want the freedom to make a personal choice like changing your gender, expect that others will have the personal freedom to have an opinion, positive or negative, about your choices. Expect that they may not want to be involved in or associate with your choice or to even call it acceptable. If however you expect people to agree with, accept and treat your personal choices in a certain way, expect that society will desire to have input on what choices are available to you in the first place. Be careful with wanting people to “be your keeper”.

Enjoy life and be Blessed Fenny.

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