Disparity of wrongs

I am attached to child first …because you asked for a definition and it clearly indicates a fetus is a child or becomes a child at 8 weeks from conception. You wanted to define words so….there ya go. I’m Not sure what your aversion to using actual valid definitions is. It appears you went down a path that did not support your view so you choose to ignore it.

A child viewed inside the womb looks and acts exactly like that same child immediately after removal from that womb. Clearly….there was a child in there all along.

You cite some great reasons for using birth control or the most cost effective (free) and most certain birth control method…..abstinence. I am intimately aware of each of the factors you cite as consequences of pregnancy.

“I want to be able to kill unwanted or already non-viable pregnancies because I believe that the value of an existing human infinitely outweighs the value of a potential human, especially when society places the burden of raising a human on the woman carrying that unwanted pregnancy. ….” I would respect every single valid point you brought up about the hardships and costs of an unwanted pregnancy….IF you were intellectually honest enough to say it correctly as “I want to be able to kill children because….” . If we could get there, we could have discussions about the merits, the benefits, the special situations and so on of making that tough decision. Unfortunately, we are stuck hiding behind the fantasy that the results of an abortion is not the willful extinguishing of a childs life. Maybe it is the best choice. It is an important enough decision to respect life enough to call it what it is.

Its interesting how you define me as doing something to someone when I did not choose to have sex or fail to use birth control if I did not want a pregnancy. When I did not have the sex, when I did not get married prior to having sex and that I did not make any of the numerous choices that led to the difficult circumstance. Yet,somehow I am “doing something” to someone when I say….. perhaps killing kids is not ideal. I would not be “doing something” to someone. Instead I am preventing someone from undoing something they did to themselves and now seek to do something that is often considered quite evil by society, to a child.

I know we disagree but I do appreciate the conversation and your willingness to share your views.

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