TX Kevin — the woman owns a business. When one gets a business license, one must follow the laws!
Susan Pundy

I assume you feel the same about illegal immigration and the rigid application of laws. Again, is your commitment to the Law simply due to your desired outcome? I am am committed to following the law. With both immigration and forcing an individual to provide their personal labor and creativity toward something they disagree with, the law is wrong or should be improved. You should not be able to refuse service for uncontrollable factors ( race, religion, sex). You should be able to refuse service for personal choices, sex partner, group association, political views, criminal history, apparel choices etc. You should not be able to refuse standard services that do not require intimate, custom personal effort…like buying a can of pees or a flower off the shelf. You should be able to refuse to cook peas, arrange flowers etc. Freedom should be a 2 way street.

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