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I completely agree. However that does not mean all possibilities are bad. For example….. Democrats like to paint Republicans of “obstructionists”, “the party of no”, “those unreasonable guys who will not work with us”. By extending the offer to assist in constructing a healthcare bill, it undermines that and puts Democrats in peril of being the unreasonable bad guys. Democrats would look terrible if they refused to come to the table. Since all but the most jaded of supporters see that the ACA is failing and will only get worse, Republicans have a lot of cover to simply remove it.

By repealing the ACA, Republicans could actually say they did what they were elected to do rather than showing they are basically lying , lite Democrats…against abortion. If there were some parts of the healthcare that they felt were beneficial, the new law would not bear ONLY Republican finger prints. Any blame, and there is MUCH more potential for blame here, would be shared. Why Republicans would like to take over the blame of a bill that has 100% Democrat fingerprints all over it is simply beyond me. If they touch it, Democrats will simply claim that the obviously failed ACA bill was just fine until those Republicans came along and screwed it up. Typical revisionist history with the full support of CNN et al.

The most positive thing about a bi partisan bill is it would likely be very narrow in scope and would likely not accomplish much. Either that or it would have elements that Democrats favor and also elements that Republicans also favor.

So yes, bringing in Democrats will either bring it to a halt or produce a very limited bill. Since there may not be a good solution for government involvement in healthcare at all, perhaps these solutions are the best options available. I think republicans would come out on top no matter what as long as …..Step 1 is fulfilling their promise to repeal the ACA. Anything else and they look like liars and will pay dearly for it. Sadly, Republicans simply lack spine .

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