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I don’t see how questioning or additional study can be a bad thing.

If additional studies are commissioned by Republicans and find evidence that supports man made global warming, I would think that would be highly desirable to Democrats. Alternately, I think if their commission found evidence that does not support global warming, that would also be highly desirable …before we spend trillions on something with no solution.

I do think that until the perpetuity of money going into the study of global warming is restructured, it will be hard to find data without issues and bias. After all, if reports find no problem and no cause by humans, why would we need ongoing grants to study it? Its like asking employees to write a report on why they are vital to the success of the company. I expect very few to come back stating….” actually I am not really critical to the success of the company at all and you should really stop paying me as soon as possible.”

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