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I fully support the rights of Transsexuals. Similar to non transsexuals, they have every right to make a personal choice about their behavior and their appearance. Period. That should be the extent of individual rights relating to sexuality or gender. No individual should have the “right” to impose their personal choices, whatever they may be, upon others. No one has the “right’ to demand that others participate in or believe in their mass delusion, mental illness or just plain personal desire to be something other than what one actually is.

From the article…”This statute’s objective is to eliminate discrimination “on the basis of sex,” which, for the reasons explained above, is a broad enough objective to encompass anti-trans discrimination.” I completely disagree. Sex is a defined and scientific term. Transgender issues focus on the desire to be a different sex. Desire or thoughts to do not typically manifest in law unless they impact others. We do not acknowledge a persons race based on what they desire it to be. We do not prosecute individuals who have thoughts of molesting children if no action is taken. We do not define age by how old one feels.

Certainly there is scientific support for actual psychological conditions that lead individuals to associate with a sex other than what they actually are. This is a condition and not a change in reality. People with this condition should not be abused, ostracized or ridiculed and deserve the full protection of the law as applied to every other citizen. However, they should not be allowed to demand special treatment from others based on a decision they have made for themselves with full knowledge of potential social ramifications and hardships. We make our choices and we accept our own consequences to those choices. This right of self determination belongs to every citizen.

I do not apply this to transgender children. Encouraging or treating children to manipulate their gender is child abuse, plain and simple. We have laws designed to protect children from making decisions that will impact their lives because they are not yet competent to make those decisions. A doctor that provides gender manipulating hormones to a child is no different than an adult that tattoos a kid or provides them with alcohol. Children should be allowed to cope with changing definitions of themselves before making a final determination as an adult of how they will become a part of society. There are masculine women and feminine men and not all children who feel as if they don’t fit into the standard mold will embrace the radical concept of adopting an incorrect gender. They should not be urged to do so. That is abuse.

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