So the GOP wants to replace the ACA with high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions?
Victoria Lamb Hatch

I have yet to hear anyone, Democrat or Republican, advocate for letting people die in the street. To answer your question I think in general conservatives advocate for separating Insurance from charity. They are very different programs. As you have heard, you simply can’t demand coverage from the insurance pool AFTER you wreck your car. Special pools for people who did not have insurance prior to developing an illness would necessarily require some degree of public funding…like welfare programs or food stamps. These programs should carry some expectation of performance on the individuals (ie weight or lifestyle) and they should afford the charitable society with some degree of input into the care received. For instance I would not expect it would pay for sex change operations that are not medically necessary and would not fly a 90 year old patient to Sweden for a radical procedure nor pay for a heart transplant for a patient that weighs 450 lbs. Personally my solution would involve a charity hospital system (think VA) and redefining the college loan program to require civil service after graduation largely in the medical services and psychology fields (think military service but civil in nature). This push to the medial industry would by definition increase supply and by itself would help lower cost and improve access. In any case we need to nurture the quality or product that a private health industry provides and develop a governmental program that addresses the reality that we are not willing to deny healthcare simply because someone can’t pay for it. There needs to be an acceptance that medical insurance coverage is a personal individual responsibility but options need to be available to include various economic situations.

Now as to what these hack Republicans will do to address the half arsed plan the Democrats gave us….who knows.

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