I posted a technical definition with no adjustments based on a google search cut and paste. Your definition seems to include personally added and self serving bias in the term “past the point of birth”. I think we certainly did show that definitions are important. How one changes a common definition to include ones own goals seems to be germane.

My definition clearly states “under the age of maturity”. There was noticeably NO qualifier for after birth or outside of the womb.

Fetus {def}… an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception. (simple google search).

A child can be both a fetus and a child. As a human can be both a female and an adult. I do not see an exclusion indicating that a fetus is not a child. It is a descriptor of a particular stage in a childs life. In fact it even uses the term “baby” which is another stage of a child’s life. Would you agree that with regard to Humans, “baby” is a 100% subset of “child”?

However I do see that we agree that a Fetus (defined as a child less than 8 weeks from conception). Can we agree that if one is resigned to kill a fetus it must be done within 8 weeks from conception and that after 8 weeks we are in fact killing a child…per the definition?

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