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I wonder what her “mentor” {her words} the late Robert Byrd — Exalted Cyclops of the KKK would have thought about her words? Shameful..but not unexpected from the “mother of lies”. Trump is many things…not all good. However to say someone is racist because they desire to follow immigration laws, prevent individuals who originate from areas that are currently engaged in attacking and killing Americans as part of a Jihad, or because some people who plan on voting for him happen to be racist is ridiculous. These ideas may be nonsense and impossible to fulfill but they are not racist beyond the fact that the perpetrators happen to be of a specific race / origin in many cases. If Trump was as stupid, he could EASILY go into just about any black neighborhood and find person after person with racist, anti white attitudes. I guarantee the Clinton campaign has received money from racists if anyone cares to dig.

In the end, she is simply resorting to common, ignorant Democrat strategy. If you vote for Trump, you must be a racist. Pay no mind to the fact that Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars on poverty and the minority community with zero….sorry, less than zero positive results. Minority lives under Democrat policies have gotten worse in spite of racism overall dramatically decreasing and opportunity exponentially increasing. Its like the black community is driving a nail into its own hand and yelling at Trump screaming …”why are you doing this to me!…Please stop you horrible man!…” {as they prepare to take another whack at the nail.}

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