You say, “at this point”.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

I would likely accept the determination. I say likely because things are not always black and white in politics. For example, we just had an attorney general state multiple ways a candidate specifically and clearly broke the law, yet determined not to recommend prosecution for….well lets be honest, for purely political reasons. I have said all along that if the Trump administration actively worked with a foreign government to tamper with our election results, he should absolutely be prosecuted.

I was very careful to specifically state there was evidence of potential inappropriate that deserves investigation. I did not say she was absolutely guilty of anything other than very poor decisions as far as appearances are concerned. Look you and I know she could have gotten a big fat prize type check that read “From Russia…. for “Selling US American interests” and you would not believe it or would have an excuse for it. In any case, since the Clinton Foundation obviously had to dramatically contract after the election for some odd, “Hillary is absolutely not selling access to the President”, reason, I would say Bills $350K or so lecture payment soon after approving nuclear fuel interest sale interest looks pretty bad.

And I have explained to you over and over and as has been validated in Congressional testimony over and over by intelligence officials, Yes Russia attempted to meddle in our elections but there is no proof they were ever successful in their meddling or in impacting the outcome. Several officials have testified they have “high confidence” and they they have strong opinions but when pressed on the issue no evidence has been found or cited ….none at all…after months of looking for it.

Yes, Trumps mouth hurts him constantly. What you see as “acting guilty” he likely sees as “ridiculous, baseless allegations backed by no proof that will not stop coming up over and over again”. He seems to be very frustrated so I suppose the Democrat plan is working.

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