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It seems to me….. the Media / Democrats are pushing this “Russian collusion” narrative and there is a complete absence of evidence other than hearsay, unfounded assertions…and some untimely Russian conversations which admittedly do not look good under the narrative. Democrats are pushing for a big fishing expedition to try to turn up something..(the political equivalent to “Whaaaaa”). Trump is saying “OK, I will make stuff up also and we can add Obama into the fishing expedition”. You can be assured it would not be limited to just “phone tapping”. It would spill into whatever shady area Obama had footprints ….IRS, Benghazi, Iran payoffs, Mexican gun running, Stimulus spending, BLM etc.

Its all silly but very smart on Trumps part. Case in point…. Trump/ Russia are not on the front page. They are replaced by Obama …who pretty much demolished the Democrat party in non-Presidential elections over 8 years. Trump would love nothing more than to keep Obama and his scandals (real or imagined) in the news for the next 4 years.

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