Except that A) Bill Clinton was never caught on tape bragging about how he’s committed sexual…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

No Bill may be in court for raping a chicken while Hillary filmed it and called the chicken a tramp. In the spirit of wild guesses and unfounded accusations of course.

You make my point perfectly. You people are some serious hypocrites. You are basically saying “WE have video evidence of the murder and you have DNA evidence of a murder….its completely different.” I hardly dispute a single thing that has been said. Trumps statements are despicable and show a lack of integrity and may be criminal. Bill Clinton’s actions are despicable, show a lack of integrity and may be criminal. Hillary Clinton empowers bills actions and attacks the victims of her predator husband showing a lack of integrity. These people are all trash. To borrow form Democrats here…not that any of it has anything to do with the ability to govern as President.

I just think its hilarious that as these women trot out right before the election to make claims that have never surfaced before and some people believe they are not coordinated. Some people are so very naive.

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