There is actual evidence for the Russian hacking (see Roger Stone, Guccifer2, etc.),
Jane E. Schneider

Not true. Tapped conversations that occurred between Trump staff ( National Security Advisor Michael Flynn) and the Russian Ambassador were gathered at Trump tower. The Russian Ambassador seems to be the one under surveillance and Flynn was incidental to the wire tapping…that absolutely did occur. The only crime we know was the intelligence info being released to the public. Who released it? Susan Rice and another CIA agent (who both answer to Obama by the way), admitted publicly to gathering and assuring the incidental information was identified as Trump staff and distributed fairly widely it seems. Rice admitted after initially denying she knew of any surveillance. I believe if she were a republican you folks would call that a “lie”.

So saying Trump staff was not wire tapped by Obama administration staff is absolutely not true. It is also untrue to say the Trump was targeted in the wire tapping though the incidental information that was gathered appears to be handled somewhere ranging from inappropriately to maliciously and ultimately we know illegally. We just don’t know who released it, why and who authorized it.

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