Wow — finally I hear from a conservative who can offer a few intelligent points.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Perhaps I should have phrased “getting a lot done” as “ actually doing what he said he would do”. Yes, it has all been executive orders but I think his followers find it refreshing that a politician actually has done what he said he would do…for better or worse. Contrast that to Republicans who complained about that horrible ACA law for years….and now do not have a clear plan to replace it. That is terrible. Keep in mind that many Trump supporters are not just dissatisfied with Democrats but are profoundly dissatisfied with the Republican establishment also.

I don’t want to rehash the merits of the IRS targeting, Benghazi or other issues that we would clearly see differently. I expect if an extensive investigation of Trump’s dealings with Russia or Trump personally profiting from his position, turns up nothing more than lots of people taking the 5th and being granted amnesty, or Trump refusing to let the Justice Dept look into it, I will have a hard time convincing you there is nothing there.

I am really more focused on the circus that is going on. It clearly exists even if we collectively fail to see the other sides point of view. I clearly saw it under Obama and Clinton during the campaign. From my viewpoint the media did not care about finding much information beyond what was literally forced upon them. I also clearly see it now with Trump. His supporters simply do not care about accurate information. They could care less about misstatements (you may call them lies). I did not think it was an overall good situation for the American people before and I do not think it is now. The people have lost trust in the media and many no longer even care what they say. People have become accustomed to simply complaining for the sake of complaining and many no longer care what they have to say at the protest of the week. I have a skewed view to be sure but Obama could have done nothing and been considered great…or been awarded the Nobel prize for simply winning an election(case in point). Trump can do great things and will be hard pressed to go down as more than a villain to many. Strange times that may not lead to a good place. Long gone are the days where Bill Clinton worked with the Republican congress to do some pretty good things.

Trump has a lot of potential for conflicts of interest. His ties and relationships can serve the American people well or they can serve Trump at the expense of the American people’s interests. This will be a very thin line I fear. I hope the media watches closely and does not waste all of its powder on political “noise”.

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