In the first place, a 5–4 Supreme Court decision counts as a Supreme Court decision.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Really? So why all the “invalid” concern about the supreme court reversing Roe v Wade? Just the left being ridiculous? Its pretty obvious that several States are not happy with 6 people defining reality and common definitions for their citizens. I think this issue is far from over.

I completely agree, no discrimination based on uncontrollable factors. Rights equally available to all citizens. Where we disagree is that states must put aside reality and common definitions to put all citizens, well actually just some citizens, into special categories. Kids cant marry whomever they like and the supreme court is not changing this definition. As you mention, same with close relatives. To your point, States should absolutely be able to define their recognized relationships as long as individual rights are upheld. To my point, creating an equivalency was not required and was not proper unless the Federal government desires to dictate that States must issue licenses to anyone who desires one for any reason. Lets not discriminate just because “competent driver” has a definition to some …but seemingly not others.

I certainly will not say that we have never had laws on the books that were specifically race based. We have moved past that as well we should. We no longer have laws that say a black person cant do this or that. However we also do not have laws that say a homosexual can not do this or that which would certainly be discriminatory. Instead what we have is a ruling that says states must change their definitions of common things to be inclusive of homosexual desires. I am on board with equal rights but not changing definitions for the purpose of individual preferences or desires or just creating equivalencies of things that are different.

It appears that states can create their own marriage rules as long as the Supreme court likes their definitions. Clearly if we get an effective youth lobby, we can expect the Supreme court will say that states must eliminate any age qualifications. Hopefully we do not end up with a court that states all licenses must be issued to anyone who desires one regardless of their qualifications. I think this would prove problematic from a legal standpoint.

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