We finally know what’s going to be in the Senate version of Trumpcare — and it’s not pretty
Judd Legum

Republicans need to quite trying to polish the turd that was ObamaCare. They need to just remove it completely. Once its removed, they need to invite Democrats to form a panel (comprised of 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats) to 1. determine a budget and 2. determine the overall primary goals of a new plan. A plan cant be all things to all people. You get affordable price, quality care and accessibility….pick 2. Next they need a group to craft a bi-partisan bill that complies with the determined goals…..without exemptions and without scope creep. The bill should be understandable and no more than 100 pages long and should phase in over no more than 2 years to avoid the Obama style backloading of the crappy parts. Ideally it will require other cost cuts and will result in no change to the debt. A bi-partisan bill will be the only way any healthcare bill will stand a chance of long term success. A bi- partisan bill will be the only way to stop both sides from this perpetual reactive crying.

It did not work out when Democrats force fed the nation a crappy partisan bill and I doubt it will work out if Republicans do the same.

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