This isn’t slavery.
Matthew Semrad

Slavery is forcing someone to provide labor they do not desire to perform, whether they are paid or not. What do you call this? She obviously cant decline to provide the labor under penalty of law. Sounds very familiar…

Its amazing how some people will afford the right to choose who they perform services for depending on who they like or agree with. I dont care if Ivanka is being treated unfairly and i don’t care whether this couple gets their custom wedding flowers. I care the that provider of both services should have a choice to decline.

White only counters should absolutely not be legal. Uncontrollable factors such as race, gender and disability are very different from personal choices. Laws should not be about a popularity contest. That is exactly how we get into these issues. The law should not seek to pick winners and losers, acceptable personal choices or unacceptable ones.

You know nothing about the trial and tribulations of my life. Rest assured I overcome them and don’t dwell on whining about them.

So you are saying that if the florist said “ I don’t want to provide custom flowers for this particular marriage ..which happens to be gay”, that would be OK? Again whether its because they are gay, voted for Trump or because they wear white pants before Memorial day, an individual should have the freedom to decline custom labor for any reason they see fit. Unless they are a slave of course. Even a paid slave.