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So if I understand your logic….. If I make a claim (with no proof) that you were seen having sex with Grimace, the beloved McDonalds character, and you denied it, and McDonalds said they had no evidence of it….that makes it likely true?

I think you misunderstand my position. I was a Ted Cruz supporter. I dont think very highly of how Trump behaved in many ways. I am far from a “ Trumpenfluffer”. However I am also not a crybaby who is willing to damn the man for actions that I assume he will take. That seems pretty petty and frankly, stupid. In fact I think Trump will end up behaving more like a moderate to Conservative Democrat more than a strict conservative. I will be critical of Trump when he deserves it. However I think I will pass on unsupported claims leaked by the same organization that was sure Iraq had WMD’s, that have resulted in no actions at all so far that can be considered “pro Russia”.

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