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So it appears we have 3 things now. 1. We know a criminal act occurred when intelligence information was illegally leaked. This individual needs to be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is the only crime that currently is certain. 2. We know that Trumps team was in contact with Russians for some reason and this needs to be investigated to assure there was not collusion. If so, I am not sure it was illegal but certainly it was unethical and the public needs to know. 3. We know that Obama’s intelligence team has admitted (at least twice) that there was intelligence gathered on members of the Trump team (either directly or indirectly). That the names of the individuals were unmasked (appropriate if directly gathered and inappropriate if indirectly gathered intelligence) and distributed to others. Finally, and not surprisingly, we know Susan Rice lied about seeing no intelligence related to the Trump campaign previously. Clearly the Obama and his intelligence organization need to be investigated as well. If the Trump team was targeted maliciously it is a scandal in the Watergate realm and people should answer for it.

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