OK — so not only do you consider sexual orientation and gender identity a choice, but now you…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

so lets get past the disagreement about the normalcy or non choice view of LGBT which seems to be a sticking point in the discussion. Lets use your comparison that it is the same as being Left Handed.

What accommodations should be put into law for those that are born Left handed? Should a baseball glove manufacturer be forced to provide a person with a left handed glove if they do not desire to make left handed gloves?

Should left handed people be allowed to demand doors with the handle on the left side be installed at all restroom facilities?

Should we as a society penalize citizens who insist on shaking hands with their right hand? How insensitive of them just to assume everyone is right handed.

Is it not a choice for a person who is left handed yet wishes they were right handed, to actively practice using their right until they are in fact proficient with their right hand?

To your “racist” point, again, being black along with being a female or disabled is not a choice. Each of these individuals wake up in the morning and with no decision at all, are in fact black, female or disabled. Contrast this with a transgender person. They wake in the morning one gender and must make a conscious choice to be another gender. Similarly, homosexuality is a desire and society does not prosecute desires generally. It is not until the choice of action to engage in sexual conduct with members of the same sex that society notices the behavior. A rapist is not a rapist until they choose to rape. A adulator has not committed adultery until they take an action. A person is not charitable until they demonstrate charitable actions. A person is not “good or bad” until they do good or bad things.

Its a similar but different argument from the black discrimination argument. One is an uncontrollable trait that requires no choice while the other requires a distinct choice for the trait to manifest or to be recognized by others. I do not support discrimination and I do not hate homosexuals as you contend. I empathize with the hardships their condition likely creates for them should they choose to pursue their natural desires. However I support individual freedom FOR EVERYONE. The freedom to choose to engage in homosexual or transsexual behavior and the right to be protected by the same laws that apply to everyone else. Along with that the freedom to disassociate with any actions by others one finds offensive, immoral, etc for whatever reason.

As you said, society should eliminate the unreasonable and minority views in its midst without the law choosing to show preference of some choices over others. If society does not like the decisions of a baker who refuses to serve a customer for whatever reason, he will eventually go out of business since people will not visit his store…just as you said. The law need not force the issue based on which personal choices it sees as more valid than others.