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So you like history… News flash…..the Middle East suffered from instability long before George Bush….Bill Clinton…..Bush….Reagan…..and so on. The region is a cesspool. I do not disagree with your beloved “experts”. Do you then somehow excuse future Presidents from making poor decisions relative to the middle east? It is clear to anyone paying attention that the Middle East has gotten worse since Obama volunteered to become President and Commander in Chief. I don’t think the Middle East should have been a surprise to him, seeing how he volunteered while we were at war. At the very least we should have seen improvement in the region. We clearly have not.

Yes an emboldened Iran…you really need to pay attention. For goodness sake man, they just captured our sailors and are harassing our war ships in international waters and demanding 400 million in payoff to release hostages. This is not an improvement. If you really think we have reduced their nuclear output over any significant period of time….well, I have some real estate you may be interested in. i know…..”but Obama said…”. History will judge this and I am pretty confident that it will show this deal did nothing but send huge sums of money to the worlds largest terrorism sponsor and accelerate its nuclear capabilities.

Yes, draft ineligible ….. combat veterans, Like me, feel that ignoring a small problem leads to a future large problem. Isis is not Obama’s ignored JV team any more. WE allowed the small problem to become a large problem. Unfortunately Obama’s lack of spine and desire to leave at all costs, put this country in additional peril. Case in point… the news from last weekend. Our enemy is emboldened due to Obama’s policies.

Sorry, there are more ways to deal with a military threat than carpet bombing…which we largely do not do anymore. You can bring up point after point I am sure but there is one fact that is indisputable….for whatever the reason, ISIS has grown under Obama and his policies and America is less safe. I don’t presume to know the answer. I also am not volunteering to be the President who is responsible for national security. I expect our next President to improve the situation. Clearly the current policies have been a failure.

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