Obama’s time machine strikes again.

So you really think “Iran is out of the Nuclear Development Program”. Lets make a gentleman’s agreement…. If Iran is not developing or has developed nuclear arms in 5 years I will vote Democrat in the next election, You vote Republican.

Sorry fantasy land alert. Most current acts of terror are not right wing nuts. Well, unless right wing nuts visit the middle east, pledge allegiance to Obama’s darned old JV Isis group, and yell Allah Akbar before killing people.

Wake up…. Name one international relationship that is better than it was 8 years ago? Russia…no. China…no. UK….no. China refuses to wheel stairs to Air Force One. Obama visits the UK and they make him travel to Buckingham before being greeted by a major delegate. How is Syria going, how about Libya or Egypt which we helped destabilize? I could go on but It likely falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. The world simply figured out that Obama is not qualified to be in the same room with most of the delegates form other countries.

So violence and oppression by the US has caused the violence from Iraqi citizens? Certainly this fits with the common Liberal refrain that “America is the problem”. Still, if we apply reasonable logic…..where was all this violence when Iraq was viciously oppressed by Saddam Hussein? Perhaps he did not roll over like a wilted Lilly and invite the emboldened uprising…like Obama has. That region only understands power and weakness. It is no coincidence that every successful country in the region is based on authoritative dominance and power. We showed nothing but weakness. They do not respect that and someone who is willing to rule from a position of power will fill the void. Enter….ISIS, Obama’s baby.

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