So if Hillary was in bed with Russia instead of Trump, why did Russia help Trump win and not…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

They did not. Specifically there has been no proof at all of any successful tampering in our election. There were attempts but we do not know if those attempts were designed to help Trump specifically or simply a consequence of what they were able to accomplish and undermine our system in general with preference to no specific candidate. The narrative of Trump working with Russians to beat Hillary is pure Democrat fantasy at this point. Unfortunately it is a narrative that is easy to believe. Hillary was after all….just that bad. So far Hillary is the only one with a proven instance where she 1. did something that benefited Russia and 2. Received large sums of money after doing the action that benefited Russia. It may or may not have been something nefarious. Who knows. All we know is that of all the potential for crimes against this country, Hillary is the only one with transactions to this point. Makes one wonder why a special prosecutor is looking at Trump where no evidence of a crime ever happening at all and not Hillary with clear transactions that may or may not be illegal.