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this argument clearly reflects where we are as a country. We will now lament that someone will run over a person who has chosen to place themselves in danger by walking or even sitting in a crowded street…as if the problem is the driver and not the idiot in the street. Of course no one wants to run anyone over. However, an individual choosing to enter a known hazard has placed their self in danger…willingly. This is very similar to the cop killings we see. We very seldom see a cop killing of a completely innocent person who is just minding their own business and complying with instructions. These are very rare and tragic instances and EVERYONE agrees the officer should face legal action in these cases. However , in almost all of these cop killings we have a person committing a crime or acting in a way that causes suspicion (ie parked in the street) and then refusing to follow instructions. These may not be reasons a person SHOULD be shot but they are certainly reasons a person gets shot. If the person does not do these things, the officer is never put in a position to make mistakes or over react. It is not about being black…unless one is to hold the view that being black makes one unable to avoid committing crime and following instructions.

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