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This information appears in many places that compare RAW and adjusted data. I will use this site since it is not a “denier” site and in fact is addressing denier claims…. Refer to chart “US Raw, TOBs Adjusted and Fully Homogenized temps”

These charts appear often on “denier” sites of course. I note that first, its odd that the adjustment account for most if not all of the warming and second, the adjustments almost always seem to be upward. I would think adjustments would vary both up and down. I am referring to newer data herea. If one wanted to show increased levels of warming I would expect to see newer adjustments adjusted upward and older adjustments downward to increase my rate of change. That of course is exactly what we see. I am NOT making a case that the data is a lie but again, I am a skeptic by nature and the data has lots of …convenient assumptions we shall say.

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