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Wait are you talking about Trump, Hillary or Bill Clinton? I could not tell when you said criminal and pervert.

Actually Trump is under audit and to my knowledge they have not indicated that he violated any laws. In contrast we know directly from the Justice dept that Hillary Clinton violated laws. In fact if you go back through her history there are numerous accusations of legal violations such as turning $5K into $300K…If memory serves me correctly. No insider trading there of course.

Yes hypocrite, lets ring up Trump and his despicable rhetoric. Then you can, in typical Democrat fashion, excuse and overlook Hillary’s despicable attacks on Bills victims, Bills perverted actions and rapes and sexual assaults. I don’t deny Trumps comments are disgusting. I am simply recognizing your hypocrisy is sickening. Oh and you know nothing about my treatment of women other than to show you are someone who insults people just because they don’t agree with you. A prototypical liberal for sure.

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