“Yes Russia attempted to meddle in our elections but there is no proof they were ever successful in…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

We have no evidence to my knowledge that Russia provided Wikileaks with the documents. Even if they did, I am super glad that the info came out. People needed to know what she was up too before voting. I expect you would have had no problem with Wiki releasing Trump tax returns, or NBC releasing Bobby Bush footage, or coordination with various beauty contestant bimbo’s or Donna Brazille providing questions prior to a debate or various organizations paying people to disrupt Trump rallys.

Your straw man is pretty unstable. Sure I care that Russia may have desired to interfere with our election and I hope we learned a lot from the exercise. I fully expect they will try again as will others such as China. That does not mean Trump colluded with them to interfere with our election. So per your example, if someone attempts murder and is unsuccessful, I would not choose to prosecute the guy they talked to in line at the grocery store a few days before even if that guy said “you know, I really hate {potential victim}”.