And this is just for his travel expenses and security expenses for three weekends in Florida.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Well, as a conservative, I would be hypocritical if I said excessive and unnecessary spending was OK. It’s not. I would also be hypocritical if I did not have a problem with Trump conducting official business at his club.

The only real positive is getting to watch people who supported Hillary, the most corrupt politician I can ever remember, and Obama, the historical champion of overspending, go freaking nuts. I must say there is some serious entertainment factor there. Throw in a President with the balls to actually call the media out for the way they handled of Obama and Hillary as if they were baby kittens, compared to the rabid agenda to get Trump and its worth the price of admission to be sure! People have been screaming this at their TVs for 8 years and have relegated the media in general to hack partisan jokes.

I think what the left is having a problem with is that Trump supporters are holding him to the same standard set by Obama supporters and the media. No one cared about Obama or Hillary so Trump supporters are applying the same expectation. They are pretty effectively tuning out the noise and watching for results. Trump has largely delivered results based on his campaign promises. Now this may not be right and there is some serious peril to overlooking all the media noise. Some of it may actually be important. Unfortunately the Obama Presidency so poisoned the political arena that things are really odd and polarized right now and no one really cares about stupid things Trump does and says, or they are complaining like punch drunk clowns that people are tired of listening too.

so all of your notes are pretty spot on. About half the country could care less. Just like about half of the country could care less about Obama’s refusal to investigate IRS targeting, when Obama wasted a Trillion$ with literally nothing to show for it, and the Benghazi failure was allowed to slip away as a “Republican witch hunt”. It was sad then and it is sad now. Unfortunately we are reaping what has been sown. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

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