Of course not, cause all of our President’s have had such deep and meaningful with the National…
Amber Lisa

Well, it seems some of our Presidents have a deep and meaningful relationship with “The View”. Its easy to focus on particular things with this President while failing to look at just how similar they are to many other Presidents. For instance Hillary Clinton signed off on a Nuclear material deal giving a Russian company control over a large portion of our nuclear material source. This would typically get signed off by Congress but she used her status as Secretary of State to bypass the Congress vote. She got large donation into her foundation and bill got a $350,000 speaking fee in Russia. Nothing to see here……

Another example, Candidate Barrack Obama had contact with Iran who was involved in active nuclear cessation negotiations with the Bush administration. Soon after, they pulled out of the talks. perhaps another “off mike” ….”Wait until i am President and things will go a lot easier for you” similar to his Russian conversation that was caught on a hot mike?

There is absolutely nothing illegal about having contacts with Russians or Iranians or anyone else.

As far as Trump giving up intel… There is a greater than 50% chance he is just a goofball.

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