I think that since there is absolutely no evidence linking Obama to any wiretapping or surveillance…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Well, other than knowing for a fact someone was wire tapped in Trump tower because he got fired for it. Someone had to authorize the tapping. Other than Susan Rice lied about knowing of no intelligence on the Trump staff and now we see she did in fact know and was specifically involved. Further she took the rather non standard action of assuring US citizens, who were incidental to the person under surveillance, were identified and distributed to multiple sources. Other than members of the CIA stating the they had surveillance on the Trump team (again indirect).

There is absolutely NO proof that Trump was specifically targeted by Obama or anyone for surveillance. There is absolutely NO proof that Trump worked with the Russians to influence the election. There ABSOLUTELY IS proof that Trump staff were captured in intelligence wire tapping and that intelligence was released which is a crime. There ABSOLUTELY IS proof that intelligence officials were interested in gathering and distributing the indirect intelligence gathered on the Trump Staff. Whether this had malicious political intention is still unknown.

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