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Well well… These bumbling Republicans may end up with the right answer in spite of themselves. That answer would be to do what they have been getting voted in to do for the last 8 years….REPEAL OBAMACARE. Good thing because without a repeal they were going to get absolutely hammered next year. So after a repeal, what then? I suggest they phase it out so that they can campaign on the same thing that has been getting them elected for years, which is “Democrats will simply put Obamacare back in”. I further suggest that they also reach out to Democrats to pass a replacement. It will provide good “willing to work on a solution” optics for Moderates, it will frame Democrats as “the bad guys’ if they do not want to help, and little will ultimately get done….which is good for the American people generally. Getting very little done to a free market is more in line with Republican ideals than Democrat ideals so that would certainly go in the win column for Republicans. Of course a few things need to get accomplished such as how we handle charity medical care and pre existing conditions will need to be addressed. In any case they will avoid taking sole ownership of a law that most people who voted for them do not like. Trying to ‘fix’ this law will be a political death trap and doing nothing makes Republicans look incompetent…which seems to be quite true at times. Honestly I cant believe Democrats are not just cheering in the streets for Republicans to pass a new law on their own and take sole responsibility for a new healthcare law.