Do you have any evidence for your claims?
Jake Hamby

Will it even do any good if i take the time to post, Muslim girls claiming hate crime and later admitting she lied to avoid angering her father, black people abusing special needs kids yelling “Trump/ white people” insults, black people dragging a Trump supporter from a car, black people beating random white people …because they are white I assume, a liberal guy painting hateful statements on a Mosque to be caught doing it to make it appear as if written by Alt Right hate group, a gay guy complaining about an grocery store writing anti gay sentiment on his cake, later admitting the gay guy wrote it himself. Shall i post a video of a young lady in a Trump had begin sprayed with mace at Berkley? I could literally go on and on.

Sorry but currently, most of the time I am seeing hate its from the left (complaining about hate ironically) or someone trying to make it appear its from some mythical Alt Right group. Certainly there are some hateful alt right individuals. The increase in crime from Alt right groups does not appear to have increased much compared to the hate crimes being committed from liberal / minority groups over the same time frame (ie since the election).

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