You’re right.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

You are absolutely right that citizens must follow existing laws. My point, is that there should absolutely NOT be laws forcing a business owner to provide custom services to anyone they do not desire to provide customer services too based on their choices or desires that conflict with those of the business owner. I would be fine if they owner were required to post their limitations publicly. The public can then respond appropriately with their purchasing decisions. Individuals can avoid any discomfort by simply choosing another vendor. Any economic harm caused by the decision to deny service would find remedy in the court system where damages would have to be proven. Of course I completely agree with rules against denying services to anyone solely on the basis of uncontrollable factors such as gender, race, disability.

Another word for all this is Freedom. Of course you will say the decision to open a business is the freedom afforded to the business owner who is then enslaved to the whims of customers. This is hardly different from laws that impose requirements on people for pretty much anything after leaving their home. Sorry Miss but you had the freedom to leave your home or not but in choosing to leave, you must now wear this burka because that is what I desire for you to do.

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