Donald Trump, the KKK and Nazis are not protected classes.
Tim Carpenter

You are correct Tim Carpenter, I am no anti-discrimination lawyer nor have I claimed to be. I am discussing the issue on the basis of how it should be rather than how the law says it is. Much like I imagine you discuss immigration law.

I see the problem. You consider Sexual orientation and I assume adaptable gender to be immutable characteristics one has no control over. I absolutely do not. That would explain some of why we see this issue so differently. Sadly sexual orientation has inappropriately been able to inject itself into the same protected classes as uncontrollable characteristics in our legal system. Who one chooses to marry is a choice. Being a member of the KKK is a choice. Acting on the inherent mental illness that causes one to be inappropriately attracted to children is a choice. Being black, being disabled, being a specific gender (your actual gender) is not.

In any case, I do not think one persons desire should be allowed to demand special performance from another person in a free society.

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