In the first place, Iran didn’t do anything to meddle in our election.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

You keep excusing Obama stuff by stating that it is not EXACTLY the same as Trump stuff. I don’t think that is relevant. Its like excusing a rapist because they are not a murderer. You are correct. The terrible stuff Obama is accused of doing is somewhat different than the terrible stuff Trump is accused of doing.

I do not know it. The Iran deal was just terrible. We will absolutely be in the same place we are now flashing back to when Bill Clinton made a nuclear deal with North Korea and touted it as a huge success. It obviously failed miserably and we now have to deal with the mess of a psychotic nuclear North Korea. We are left with 2 choices, either Obama paid a ransom to get detainees freed or he is a complete idiot and paid an amount due to a country that is our very public enemy at the worst possible time imaginable. Feel free to pick as you see fit.