Cruz v. Rubio
Jay W. Cobb

This one, like all of your columns, is terrific. I like this one a lot b/c of what you emphasized. Talk radio & cable news has battered the GOP for years over not being able to fight culture wars. Rubio not only CAN, but has. My son, in his 30’s, and his friends have said they would vote Republican for the FIRST time b/c they see Rubio as someone who can relate to them, not just financially (school loans, paycheck to paycheck) but with football, fantasy football, music AND he’s not “preachy” they HATE it. They want a POTUS as a POTUS, not a preacher telling them who they can date, what they can drink, etc… IOW, they don’t want a strict social conservative who preaches. My son knows Rubio is pro-life, so is my son….but he has hispanic friends, he has black friends and he has gay friends. He wants them to be “equal” to him. Great stuff, Jay! :)

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