The Complexity of Simple
Biz Stone

I agree 100%, so many products nowadays are so noisy they can be overwhelming, such as Facebook. It’s become a headache, it’s like walking into a noisy school playground or stuck in a concert crowd. A simple app is refreshing, clean UI and not toggling a million settings feels nice, you feel you can breath. That’s exactly what I have done with Txtter, we’ve taken commenting off photos realising whats important is seeing your friends photos and not being drowned by comments. Txtter is a messaging app with more features than Whatsapp yet we’ve done it with a more simpler UI, for example they have 5 buttons on bottom menu, Txtter has only 4. We’ve deduced what’s important and destilled it into a lean product that gives you what you really want. I already have Jelly but excited to see 2.0!

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