Been sitting here going through my devotional and all of A sudden I got this nudge to look up “beating myself up as a Christian”

It may sound a little weird but I was doing that. Not physically, but mentally and spiritually which is the WORST way to me. I’ll explain👇🏾

1st, if you’re one of the many in the world that gets down too hard on yourselves…DONT.!.!Just make your mistake and learn from it.

You can’t bee too hard on your self mentally and especially spiritually. When you’re too hard on yourself mentally I noticed it leads to double minded thinking. And that only wastes time.

Being double minded also hinders the spirit from true growth. Nearly everything is doubted and every step forward that we take would be a tip toe instead of a full on leap.

Turn yourself being your “worst critic” into being your most constructive critic. The only way to effectively stop beating yourself up is to know that you don’t even really have the power too. It’s a mind trick.

Jesus doesn’t even beat you up. The Holy Spirit does convict you though. I read that you feel a “Godly” sorrow of sorts. And this feeling allows you to run right back to God like the story of the Prodigal Son. (Awesome story btw)

Don’t get so wrapped up in not making mistakes that you miss out on the lessons, opportunities, and experiences God wants you to learn from and have. Get rid of the paranoia. It’s really all in your head.

Let your walls down. Be vulnerable.

Fly 🦅