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Even though his body was telling him no, his mind was telling him yes. This substance was crucial, a serum that could change the world as he knew it. After years of research,, blood, sweat, and tears, it was finished. Although he wanted to use this to cure the cancer that was cancer, he knew the consequences. His son may never be the same afterward, but he had to save him. If this didn’t work, there would be times that he would miss out on as a father. His sons graduation, wedding, or even looking at his grandson for the first time. All gone.

“Billy!” he called, “Come here for a second!”

A small, 4-year old boy with no hair came stomping down the stairs in his onesie jammies.

“Yes daddy?” He innocently resonded

“Daddy made a medicine to make you feel all better!”

Billy clapped with glee, he took the flask from his fathers hand and gulped it all down like a juice box. He licked his lips and grinned.

“Now tell me,” The professor asked, “How do you feel”

“I feel….”

Before he could finish, Billy started vomitting dark red fluids all over the floor, blood. His body began to get thinner, and thinner, and thinner, until he was nothing but a shriveled remain of a corpse. The father picked up his son’s remains, crying his eyes out, because like his wife….

He couldn’t save anyone.

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