Some of you may know Emma, some of you do not. I knew her since Fairview Elementary, but not all that much, barely in fact. Now I can proudly say that i got to know her better by speaking to her for just 10 minutes!! She’s a good time. She’s a Music loving, Kind, All around good person that has some talents that impress me. She plays her violin and cherishes it like her own child.

“If my house were on fire,” she said, “I would save my violin because it’s expensive and my baby.”

In fact, she loves music and musical history SO much that she would want to eat dinner with Bethoveen more than anyone else.

“It would be weird though because he’s deaf. In the middle of dinner he would start playing the piano!”

But that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. She could just sing to the music. That’s right folks, not only is she in orchestra playing violin, but she also sing in choir!

“Doing both should have been impossible. But i found a way”

Her life is going so well that the perfect day in her mind is simply not dying. In the unfortunate event that she does, she wishes to be sitting on the toilet so that she doesn’t shit herself. That’s right, she taught me that when you die, your digestive system just gives way. Now I’m actually self-concious of my poop, thanks Emma. Her talents are a-many, but you can thank her mom for that! Her mother is the one that got her into music and the arts. She was supportive the whole way, from encouragement to buying extremely expensive musical equipment. Thank Mrs. Simon, you’ve helped Emma out big time. She isn’t an only child though. She has 3 older siblings, one of which is MARRIED!!! Soon enough Emma will be dubbed “Aunt Emma.” However she wishes that their age gap was shorter so she could see them more often. Much like me, she was super awkward from 1st-8th grade. But at least she’s doing better, this year she was diagnosed with ADD and is now taking meds. Because of this, “I’m forgetful and awkward.” Don’t worry though, that isn’t stopping her, she’s doing much better now! Her dreams are quite ambitious. Ever since 7th grade she’s wanted to be a music teacher, but with her talents and skills, that should be no problem. She also claims that there is a 95% chance of her shaving her head for Saint Baldricks.

“My long brown hair is pretty valuable!” she says. I’m sure the kids would love it

If you want to be her friend, you need loyalty, honesty, and need to be there when you’re needed. You’d also need to know that “I like dancing at random moments and that I’m somewhat socially awkward.” Oh Emma, we all are awkward in our own way. As you can see, Emma may be a tad forgetful and awkward, but that isn’t stopping her from accomplishing what she wants to!!