My Question for Virginia Heffernan

My name is Tyler Borderon. I am 16 years old. I am a Year 1 (or in other words a junior) at Bard High School Early College Queens. My hobbies are playing all kinds of music, basketball, and surfing the web. I have always been interested in technology have and I am always willing to learn more about it.

I am very intrigued by what you have been able to accomplish as an American journalist. The ideas presented in your book Magic and Loss: The Internet As Art are very well thought out. I especially like your idea that the Internet is a “work in progress” because I see it the same way. The Internet is just a great place full of different things that people put there, making it a “massive and collective work of art” as you said. Also the fact that you take the side of the Internet in the statement that it is the cause of the gradually lowering attention span of the current generation is very bold and impressive. this is because mostly everyone else that has something to say about this situation blames the Internet. But instead, you choose to look at it a different way, and I admire that.

My question for you is what started you on the path towards writing Magic and Loss and the related topics you explore as a writer?

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