A new approach to museum audio tours, by the numbers
Andrew Mason

Question: Does this mean that (Audio Length) x (Average Progress) = (Average Duration)?

I was trying to discern whether the Average Progress is pulled from the amount of time a user stays within a geofence or actually listens to a piece, but when I added the Recording Length to the data set I started to see oddities in the data.

ex. Chuck Close’s ‘Agnes’ having an Average Duration equal to 500% (10 min) of it’s 2 minute Audio Length. A 51% Average Progress makes it look like Average Duration should actually be ~1 minute.

ex. The ‘walks’ generally speaking have longer Average Durations than their actual Audio Lengths. Ranging from ’Strange Tools’ (10% longer) up to ‘The World of Tomorrow’ (53% longer).

As a data geek, thank you for publicly sharing this info. Any insights on how the data is defined would be greatly appreciated.