5 Ways To Get Your Stubborn Coworker To Watch That Show You Won’t Shut Up About

Without knowing the same TV shows, you and your coworker will always be divided.

We’ve all been in this situation: You’ve discovered a new life-changing TV show that practically reinvents the form but your coworker refuses to give it a shot. Whether they’re “already watching too many shows” or “have to pick up their daughter from school”, there’s always an excuse for why they won’t watch it immediately. Below I’ve compiled the ultimate guide to breaking through this nonsense and forcing them to finally cave:

1. Tell them something they’ve done reminds you of the show

Maybe your coworker is having money issues and is really opening up to you about how tough things have been. This is an incredible opportunity to jump in with how Abby and Ilana from Broad City are constantly struggling with their own finances so your friend must watch the show at once. It may not help her financially, but now you’ll have someone who loves it when you go “Yaaas, queen!”.

2. Go to work dressed up as one of your favorite characters

Who wouldn’t want to catch up on Game of Thrones after seeing your hand-crafted Jon Snow outfit in the middle of a work meeting? When your coworker sees the powerful effect a fur coat and a longsword has on the meeting, he’ll realize it is he who truly “knows nothing”. Now when you chant “King of the North!” when walking through the halls, your coworker can join in rather than ask you to keep your voice down. Newfound respect!

3. Steal their lunch out of the fridge

Eating is such a basic human need and showing that you feel that your coworker watching Homeland is even more important will almost certainly guarantee success. When your coworker walks into the room asking what happened to their sandwich, put the season one blu ray between two pieces of bread and say, “Here’s your lunch.”

4. Tape an iPad to your face and play the show in front of them

This is a tactic that my friend Gerald used to get me to finally check out LOST and I can tell you from experience, this strategy is effective. Having an iPad for a face may be jarring at first, but once your coworker realizes you’re committed to this, you’ve got ’em hooked! “Are they ever gonna get off this damn island?” Hahaha. They’re so behind.

5. Kidnap them and hold their eyes open ‘A Clockwork Orange’ style

Hey, it worked for that English guy in the movie, so why not use this approach if the first four tactics have failed? The inability to close their eyes will at first be maddening for your coworker, as will having a bag thrown over their head and being forced into your sedan, but after they’ve finished episode four of The Wire, they won’t even press charges. Talk about Stockholm syndrome!

Hopefully one of these will work on that stubborn coworker of yours! If not, I guess you could try to find something else to talk about besides television like a chump.