Interview Materials

Creating a brief introduction is a very beneficial tool for both interviews and for daily life. You never know when an unexpected networking opportunity could arise and you are forced to explain to someone who you are and what you do. If you have a brief introduction prepared and deliver it properly you will likely leave a lasting impression and hopefully make a connection.

Professional Self Introduction

Hello, my name is Tyler Frank. I am a senior double majoring in finance and health care management at the Labovitz School of Business and Economics. I am extremely passionate about increasing the quality of care delivered and making health care more affordable for citizens of the United States. The opportunity to play a central role in these future developments excite me and have me looking forward to my next steps in life.

S/TARS Examples

S/T: While I was interning at Essentia health I was responsible for onsite support of the implementation of the EHR system EPIC. During the first day of implementation, a nurse approached me about an issue she was encountering with the system and claimed it was very urgent because the issue was affecting patient care. Her issue was that she was unable to order a blood draw for the patient and without the order the lab technicians could not draw the patient's blood.
A: The first action I took was I had the nurse explain to me the workflow that she had used. It sounded correct so I sat down at the nurses station and began diagnosis. When doing the correct workflow the system was not allowing an order to be placed. I began searching in the background for anything preventing the order and found that the system had a coding error. So I called in the issue to the analysts and described to them where I believed the issue to be.
R: I was correct that the issue was in the coding and the analysts fixed the error. The nurse was then able to order the blood draw and the patient was unaffected.
S/T: I am the treasurer for the Student Health Care Management Association at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I had just begun and the former treasurer had gone over budget leaving me with $154 left in the account and over $200 worth of expenses.
A: I quickly developed and arranged a fundraiser, I went to the local Qdoba and convinced them to donate 25 free meal tickets to use for the fundraiser. Additionally, I allocated group members to purchase supplies and make rice crispy bars. We then sold the rice crispy bars and people who purchased a bar could spin a wheel for a chance to win free Qdoba.
R: The fundraiser was very profitable and we pocketed $275 which put the account back to positive.
S: I work as a rental agent at Budget Rent a Car. Recently a customer had a major difficulty understanding the charges that he had incurred at the end of his rental and was very upset.
A: The first action I took was to offer my assistance to explain each charge. I then printed out a detailed charge report and walked him through each individual charge. After I was finished describing each charge I asked if he had any confusion or any further questions.
R: The customer ended up thanking me and was extremely appreciative for my time and even left me a small tip.
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