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How to Connect with the Top 20 Snapchat Influencers

Written By: Tyler Kippe

There’s no doubt about it, Snapchat is growing and growing very fast. They have marketers, entrepreneurs, and brands waiting on the edge of their seats as the next updates continue to roll out.

And while the vast majority of people only use it as an app to send pictures to get a laugh out of their friends or as a medium to showcase the highlights of their day, there’s a powerful media brand on the rise.

See what the masses have yet to realize is that Snapchat can be used as a tool to advertise and even monetize their brand, business, products,a and services.

This quickly moving and evolving medium is proven to be quite lucrative for brands, influencers, and content curators from all sorts of niches, industries, and areas of expertise.

Even if that expertise is the use of the latest filters like the much popular dog lick filter, the data proves that this type of user generated content will solidify Snapchat’s social media powerhouse much sooner rather than later.

Those who have already discovered the true potential of Snapchat are absolutely crushing the game when it comes to engagement. And many of these “influencers” have the results to prove it.

Think about it like this, in the digital age anyone with a smartphone and internet connection has access to endless amounts of potential customers, users, prospects, etc.

But where traditional marketing went directly for the “right hook” as Gary Vaynerchuk shares, the new normal is “jab, jab, jab, THEN right hook”.

Or in other words…

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Via DCLabs Design LabsSee, the one thing (of many) that successful digital influencers have in common is a this recurring theme of “giving first” by CONSISTENTLY providing exceptional amounts of FREE VALUE to their followers, fans, customers, and even prospects.

This content consists of actionable steps, real world advice, and a glimpse into the life of highly successful influencers, entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, and beyond.

The beauty is that consumers can view all of this in the palm of their hand seconds after the content is created, or anytime with the 24 hour period that Snapchat allows for viewing access.

So, if you take one thing from this article let it be that in order to earn the trust of a customer it’s this…

you must first GIVE, GIVE, and GIVE again in order to establish your desired relationship!

Above all, the reason Snapchat is exploding is because it gives consumers the closest connection to their idols to date. With using this app users are having the equivalent of a face to face conversation with the influencers of their choice.

Via DCLabs Design Labs

This connection has been amplified with influencers beginning to hold question and answer segments on their Snapchat.

During these periods they open up the floor to their followers to Snapchat their questions in and answer as many as their time allows.

Many influencers will record these segments and post them to other social media platforms such as Youtube to extend the reach of their content.

(See Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube)

The one weakness I feel that Snapchat has is the lack of a feature which allows you to find new Snapchatters to follow based on your desired experience.

Lucky for Snapchat there has been an app created to do just that. It’s called GhostCodes.

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And spoiler alert…it’s awesome!

GhostCodes allows you to seamlessly search through categories such as…



Health and Wellness,




Professional Athletes,

and many more!

It is also a great tool for building your own audience as it gives you the ability to choose your own category, link all of your other social media, receive “kudos” from Snapchatters who enjoy your content, and there’s even a convenient clickable icon to download your Snapcode.

Essentially, Snapchat owes GhostCode a huge thank you for the creation of even more engagement on their app. Therefore, whether your goal is to increase engagement, discover new people, or both, it would be in your best interest to download the GhostCodes App today!

My guess is that you’re reading this article because you’re either interested in or involved with something that’s in the digital space.

And since I know you’re ready to take your results to the next level, let me give you one peeve of advice…

you must follow those who have what you want in order to accomplish your goals.

This is true because they have been where your are and now how to get where you want to be!For that reason I have compiled a list of the top 20 digital influencers to follow on Snapchat. So grab your phone, open up Snapchat, and read closely!

These individuals know how what it means to hustle and work your way to the top of their fields.

Many of them are self-made entrepreneurs and are highly successful in their respective niche’s.

And the common goal they all share is that they want to help YOU accomplish your goals!

I CHALLENGE you to choose 5 people from this list to follow on Snapchat today!

You can thank me later. ;)

To add these influencers simply…

Step #1 — Screenshot their snapcode,

Step #2 — Open your Snapchat,

Step #3 — Swipe down on the screen,

Step #4 — Click add friends,

Step #5 — Then add by snapcode,

Step #6 — Lastly, click on the snapcode in your camera roll and you’re all set to go!

Their daily motivation, inspiration, and strategies will help you take that next step in your life and business…

1– Lewis Howes:

Lewis tops our list for good reason. He is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, NY times, host of one of the top 50 podcast in the world with The School of Greatness, a lifestyle entrepreneur, former pro athlete, and a member of the USA men’s handball team.

2 — Dan Norris:

He is an entrepreneur dedicated to inspiring the new wave of entrepreneurs, a content marketer, keynote speaker, and best-selling author of 2 books.

3 — Grant Cardone:

He is an internationally renowned business and sales expert, best-selling author of 5 books, creator of customized sales training programs, motivational speaker, offers insights on sales, marketing, branding and entrepreneurship.

4 — Gary Vaynerchuk:

Outspoken CEO of vaynermedia which specializes in building brand equity, host of #askgaryvee podcast, best-selling author, venture capitalist. Gary will give you the motivation you truly need.

5 — Pat Flynn:

Pat is an authentic entrepreneur, blogger, expert in digital marketing, lifestyle businesses, host of smart passive income podcast, and dedicated to teaching others how to run a successful online business.

6 — Tai Lopez:

Investor, mensa member, tedx speaker, youtuber(the infamous “just sitting here in my garage with my lambo guy”), host of the Grand Theory of Everything Podcast. Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness.

7 — Shawn Stevenson:

Bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Nutrition and Fitness podcast on iTunes, keynote speaker for TEDx and others.

8 — John Lee Dumas:

Founder/host Entrepreneur On Fire podcast where he interviews today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs 7 days a week. He delivers consistent value via Snapchat daily.

9 — Chris Ducker:

Helps personal brand focused entrepreneurs build successful businesses around their brands and influence.

10 — Casey Zeman:

Helps authors, experts, thought leaders, and service providers by creating software and training built around engagement to help grow online presence and dominate their business.

11 — Cliff Ravenscraft:

Help others take their message, business, and life to the next level. Helped thousands create a successful audio podcast through his own; the podcast answer man.

12 — Jay Baer:

Inspirational Marketing and Online Customer Service Speaker, New York Times bestselling author of 5 books, host of the Social Pros podcast, blogger, social media, content marketing, and cx consultant.

13 — Jenna Atkinson:

Entrepreneur, author, podcaster. Helps millennials reach the next level of success in career, business, and life.

14 — Casey Neistat:

Youtuber with more than 2.8 million subscribers and cofounder of social media app beme. Living an adventurous New York City life and recording it all. The quality of his content never disappoints.

15 — Gerard Adams:

Lifestyle entrepreneur, traveler, speaker, mentor, building business, relationships, co-founder of EliteDaily.

16 — Morgan Brown:

COO of Inman news, co-author of several books, helped launch and led growth at Y-Combinator. Answers questions about growing your business on Snapchat.

17 — Kev Charlie:

#1 in Business on GhostCodes with 4k kudos. Lifestyle entrepreneur, blogger, and motivational instagrammer.

18 — Charles Fuchs:

#1 in Entrepreneurs on GhostCodes with 3.6k kudos. 10x lifestyle entrepreneur and investor. Provides motivation and inspiration.

19 — Cameron Francis:

#1 in Marketing on GhostCodes with 2.6k kudos. Co-founder of the etraffic group, author of digital marketing course, growth hacker, entrepreneur, host of #digitalcowboys podcast.

20 — GhostCodes:

#1 in Brands on GhostCodes with 6.4k kudos. Features incredible snappers to help find people to follow on Snapchat.

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