Basecamp at Under Canvas Zion

Little Truths from Epicurrence: How an Anti-Conference Fosters Absolute Community

27 postures, perspectives and practices that empower collective growth

In the weeks following Epicurrence №6, I’ve spent hours reminiscing about the magic that took place just outside Zion National Park. In short, some 70ish product designers, illustrators, project managers, agency luminaries, content creators and freelancers came together for a week of ongoing adventure, engaging dialogue and total camaraderie. And I know I’m not the only one who is utterly grateful for the chance to connect with such incredible people in such a beautiful backdrop.

Photo by Timmy Ham

The pictures, stories (by Ling Lim)and videos (by Willie Morris)that have surfaced share a common thread of awe and appreciation for all that Dann Petty’s done to connect the pieces.

Jeremiah Warren gives a glimpse below.

I don’t dare try to sum it up in a post. It’s a living, breathing thing that you simply have to experience. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get the chance to bring back some of the little truths that made it all possible.

In many ways, I think that’s how Epicurrence lives on between events. Individuals enter the arena vulnerable and return to the grind ablaze with inspiration and brand new friendships centered on all that we shared. And now the time has come and we’ve the privilege to spread that energy within our communities back home.

Epic vibes around camp.

This brings me to this list. It’s not everything, but I’ve compiled some of the most profound truths, perspectives and parameters that I believe lend to the growth of the creative community and our collective work. I can’t take credit for the wisdom. I merely get to reflect the light, and it’s my hope that a little bit of the Epicurrence glow rubs off in one way or another.

Little Truths

  1. High fives are better than handshakes. Leave your ego at the door
  2. Shared experiences > business cards
  3. Ask the weird questions. Break the surface
  4. Stop taking all the credit
  5. Kill the Keynote. Break free of the presentation model and connect with your audience
  6. Don’t talk in circles, sit in circles
  7. “The more you whine about something, the more you can do to fix it”
  8. Vision + Accountability = Progress
  9. Pay attention to the “small” ideas
  10. We need more we… not me, me, me
  11. Everyone has the power to create
  12. Talent scouting should seek potential, not perfection
  13. Compete with class
  14. Don’t underestimate the value of trust
  15. Pick up the phone, knock on doors, reach out directly
  16. Everyone needs an ally
  17. Fail forward
  18. Inspiration is contagious, share your passions
  19. Inclusion and equality are big, necessary movements. Embrace the journey
  20. Scabs are universal equalizers
  21. Unscripted is often better
  22. Remember to breathe
  23. Give some of it away for free
  24. Speak the language of the audience
  25. Don’t believe the doubt. You’re never alone
  26. Pitch in behind the scenes
  27. Unplug and connect
Photo by Timmy Ham aka IAMSLOTH

Big Thanks

I can’t name everyone. Instead, thank you for shared meals. Thank you for honesty. Thank you for adventure. Thank you for conducting yourselves like family. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for hiking by my side. Thank you for riding with me. Thank you for writing down your motivations in my notebook (list to come soon!). Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for listening. Thank you for stepping up. Thanks for being you.

It was epic.

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