Update: the Generated Photos platform has now launched, for the latest information please visit our press page.

Thank you for your interest! We have been blown away by the response to our 100K Faces Project. Stay tuned for the release of our platform very soon!

We have company and project information on our FAQ.

Easy-access press media: download everything from here.

Shown below, we have curated a selection of:

  • Generated faces
  • Behind the scenes/company photos
  • In-progress videos.

If you have further questions, please email work.with@generated.photos.

Need a few ideas of what generative media can be used for? Imagine not having…

These people do exist :)

Update: the Generated Photos platform has now launched, for the latest information please visit our official FAQ.

Thanks for the interest in Generated Photos! We know you have many questions about who we are and what we are building; let us clear those up.

Looking for example photos from the 100k Faces project? Visit our press page.

What are we doing?

We are democratizing creative photography and video. We aim to make creative works both more accessible and higher quality through generative processes.

Who are we?

We are a team of about 20 AI and photography professionals.

  • AI engineers
  • Photographers
  • Make-up artists and stylists
  • Retouch artists
  • Data…

FUTURED is an ultra-modern, long-form online publication covering the topics of future tech, health and society.


Last week we covered the topic of ‘What is FUTURED?’ in more depth, so if this is the first you are hearing of it, go check that article out! At a high-level FUTURED is a testbed publication for a platform that is being built for content creation. Our goal isn’t to create a monetized Medium, but to give creators a place where they can easily go into depth on a topic. In the crypto world a common saying is that the blockchain will bank…

FUTURED is an ultra-modern, long-form online publication covering the topics of future tech, health and society.

What is it?

We realized that we have not given an adequate answer to what FUTURED is yet. FUTURED is the testbed for an upcoming web platform. While we are planning to finish the work required for the Alpha3 program this week, general development on the greater platform will not stop. Our goal is to build an intellectual community where no quarter is given to spam or low quality content. We are looking to take the best ideas from existing platforms we admire and to learn from…

A look behind the curtain in building a unique web writing platform

FUTURED is an ultra-modern, long-form online publication covering the topics of future tech, health and society.

Over the last week a significant development effort has pushed FUTURED closer to reality. We worked on a little of everything including UI bits, APIs, and servers.

Front End

FUTURED is primarily a fully custom Vue.js site. Everything will be designed to seem very modern and clean, while also highlighting a strong design language. Every story will have a unique theme, which requires building template components that can respond dynamically to changes in data…

A long-form publication covering the topics of future tech, health, and society.

Say Hello

FUTURED (v.) is an ultra-modern online publication that discusses topics of interest with regard for what is to come. Featuring a bold, distinctive design, we aim to produce online material that reads like Wait But Why, yet looks closer to The Outline with a touch of Black Mirror thrown in. We are not making click-bait 10-a-day type articles, but well-stated 4–10 minute reads about where the world is heading and what is being made to get there.

This means that FUTURED will cover topics of a wide variety…

The tech is promising, the approaches are deeply flawed. An opinionated piece on crypto written from the perspective of an realist for investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Our Black Mirror future. Sponsored by Bitcoin. (base)

Failure #1

Blockchain is not a socially acceptable topic to talk about, but people still try.

By reading this I am guessing that you probably already know a bit about blockchain tech. That is great! But ‘normal’ people simply do not care all that much about the technologies of the future. As a full-scale techie this is hard to understand. “It is important! It is how all money will be spent in the future! We can shift the power away from banks!” …

The art of getting people to invest in your version of the future.

We know the future.

Even if they are not conscious of it, most people will have an idea of what they think the future will look like. I would place a heavy bet that this imaginary place does not look much different than present reality with a few special effects thrown in. More Avengers and less Bladerunner. After all, it is incredibly hard to think ahead in new, creative ways. Our brains would much rather copy and extrapolate than innovate.

I mean, why is a ‘flying car’ even a thing? A…

Why are comments online so incredibly bad?

The HQ Trivia chat, shown at real speed

I recently downloaded the hot new HQ Trivia app. Neat idea, maybe a bit shaky execution, but still fun (for a short time). What really struck me though was the comments on the bottom streaming in live time. Having a comments section significantly degraded the apps user experience for me. See the gif above for an idea of what I am talking about. I find these flashing, meaningless comments annoying and very distracting — pretty much just a streaming pile of 💩 (emojis). …

Photoshop, CGI, Fake News, Bots, Endorsements, Ads. These are now a fundamental part of our daily lives. But what can we believe in this digital age?

The Lure

We love looking at things that will never be our reality. Living life through another person’s lens. Filling our personal voids with idyllic content manufactured to fit just right. Beaches, cars, jobs, houses, adventures, comfort, friends, style. Feeling cold this winter? Go follow a handful of Instagram accounts from Hawaii. Looking to be a travel photographer? Go drool over those moody tones on any social media platform. Feeling depressed or lonely? Browse one of…

Tyler Lastovich

Technical generalist. Investing+future tech+generative media • lastovich.me

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