A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. — William G.T. Shedd

I’ve been stuck in a rut for the past few years, both creatively and professionally. Those close to me are familiar with my circumstances, and many suggestions have been offered my way.

When faced with such frustrations, my initial reaction is to start making big plans for sweeping changes (admittedly, such as I’m doing now). These changes, however, take time, and I often find myself retreating back into a state of complacency — back to being a ship safe in harbor.

I know I’m capable of doing more; I just have to put in the work. Working on my goals this year has really helped put these wheels in motion, but even still, I know I can do more.

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve gotten to a point now where I can churn out a new vlog, song, blog post, and photo, every week without breaking much of a sweat. I’m not saying that to boast, but more to highlight the unfortunate fact that I’ve been phoning it in for the past few weeks. The quality has been severely lacking, and oftentimes, I don’t even bother to promote my work because I’m not proud of what I’ve completed on certain weeks.

I need to do a better job of putting my best effort forward every week. It will take some time, but I’m confident I can get there.

In any case, returning to the topic of change, I’ve decided that I’m going to move out of downtown Los Angeles. I don’t plan to go very far (North Hollywood most likely), but it will be a major shift after living in my loft for the past five years. I’m moving for various reasons, but the main impetus is the fact that I just don’t enjoy living in downtown LA anymore. Too much has changed, and though one could argue it is changing for the better, I miss the way the area made me feel when I first moved there in 2011. There was still something undiscovered about it, but now, there are just too many people moving into the area. Maybe it’s just me, but I digress.

Professionally, I’m at a crossroads, and have been paralyzed here for the past few years. Growth and opportunity are what I’m seeking, so it’s on me to find a way to fulfill these desires. I’m comfortable right now, but I hear being comfortable is not a good thing, and I agree.

This ship was meant for sailing, and I’m ready to set sail.

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Tyler Moon is a musician, photographer, and YouTuber living in Los Angeles. Follow Tyler on SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

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